{Love Fills a Lifetime} – Wedding Card Scrapbook
{Love Fills a Lifetime} – Wedding Card Scrapbook {Love Fills a Lifetime} – Wedding Card Scrapbook {Love Fills a Lifetime} – Wedding Card Scrapbook

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Love Fills a Lifetime

A wedding card scrapbook

Tell your love story; keep every card and memento in one place.

This scrapbooking journal is specially designed to hold all the cards and tokens of your wedding day and marriage. Document all the stories and dreams of your love story: from the day you two met to today.

For new brides or long-time couples who’ve kept wedding cards in a shoebox.

8x5.5 inches (20x14 cm)

How this book celebrates your love story:

  • Remember when the love began. Document old moments, favorite restaurants, nicknames, and inside jokes.
  • Recollect powerful stories from your wedding day and honeymoon. Write about joy and hopes, guests who made you laugh, favorite photos, and life as newlyweds.
  • Celebrate the love you share today. Now what are the favorite moments, nicknames, and inside jokes you share? What’s your home like? What do you dream?
  • Paste in favorite photos, ticket stubs, custom napkins, or honeymoon airline tickets on the photo spots and patterned papers from Italy.
  • Collect all the congratulatory cards and notes from everyone in your life, including each other, in three divided sections.

Wind energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this book. All 40 journaling pages are 100% recycled. A love story shouldn’t be forced in a book of numbered pages, so this book allows you to open the extra large binding and add life’s treasured bits with ease.

Note: Product photos are the journal documenting Katie and Martin’s love story; their journal holds approximately 40 cards. Extra large rings can be purchased here.

Let love fill this lifetime, not a shoebox under the bed. Share that love in these pages.