{She} – Introspective Personal Journal
{She} – Introspective Personal Journal {She} – Introspective Personal Journal {She} – Introspective Personal Journal {She} – Introspective Personal Journal {She} – Introspective Personal Journal

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Introspective personal journal

Express yourself. Define who you are.

Step into journaling like you’ve never done before. Explore your inner self, your secret wishes, your hidden hopes. Celebrate what makes you jump out of bed, and most important: document who you are.

For preteen to adult women.

4x5.5 inches (10x14 cm)

How this journal celebrates your story:

This best-selling journal is the place for declaring, “This is who I am!” It gently leads you with a series of introspective writing prompts, lists, and questions.

  • Reflect on your inner beauty, hopes, and regrets.
  • Evoke memories and beloved experiences.
  • Take note of favorite foods and activities, ones you haven’t tried, plus ones you intend to master.
  • Insert favorite photos, postcards, and memorabilia.
  • Write on old school library cards, a doily, and various beautiful papers.
  • Dream big. Dream small. Dream about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The unique writing prompts – such as ”Things that feel perfect right now” and ”She was born with wings” – are indirect yet insightful and fun. They open your mind to reflections of your own.


  • 68 pages with 36 writing prompts.
  • Patterned papers from Italy.
  • Ring bindings that open and close to easily rearrange pages and include precious bits from life.
  • Old school library card and sleeve, stickers, doily, and travel tag.

Renewable energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this journal, which is made of 77% recycled content. Creative exploration shouldn’t be forced in a journal of numbered pages, so this journal’s easy-open ring binding allows you to add treasured bits from life.

Express your heart here.

This She journal is for introspective exploration. Its accompaniment, She: Me, My Heart, My World (Version 1.1) , contains different colors, additional prompts, and embellishments that focus on external, worldly observations. The two work well together or separately.