{She: Me, My Heart, My World} – Personal Journal 1.1
{She: Me, My Heart, My World} – Personal Journal 1.1 {She: Me, My Heart, My World} – Personal Journal 1.1 {She: Me, My Heart, My World} – Personal Journal 1.1

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She: Me, My Heart, My World

A personal journal

Document your world. Capture your heart.

What are your passions? What do you dreams for yourself and the world? What makes your heart soar? Define them here.

For preteen to adult women.

4x5.5 inches (10x14 cm)

How this journal catches your stories:

You'll find heaps of inspiration in the prompts, challenges, and questions. This book isn't your traditional day-to-day documenting journal; it helps you dig into the fabulous stuff that matters:

  • Recall childhood favorites.
  • Celebrate what makes you feel alive.
  • Reflect on people who’ve touched your life.
  • Document the world through your eyes and what you see, taste, and smell.
  • Make mini sketches and passionate notes.
  • Create lists and wishes for your future.
  • Tuck in photos, postcards, and memorabilia.
  • Celebrate you.

This journal is something you'll pull out years from now and say, "This is my story. It captures who I was and what I felt."


  • 52 pages of writing prompts
  • Patterned papers from Italy
  • A binding that opens and closes to rearrange pages and include precious bits from life.
  • A mini blue envelope, hand-stamped envelope, two tags, and old school library card and sleeve.

Wind energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this book. All 52 journaling pages are 30% or 100% recycled. Creative exploration shouldn’t be forced in a book of numbered pages, so this book allows you to open the binding and add treasured bits from your life.

You are more than your job title or your day-to-day. Celebrate your story here.

This journal is She 1.1. Its accompaniment, She: Me, My Life, My Days (Version 1.0) , contains different colors, additional prompts, and embellishments. The two work well together or separately.