{Baby Hello} – Brag Book
{Baby Hello} – Brag Book {Baby Hello} – Brag Book {Baby Hello} – Brag Book

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Baby Hello

A brag book

Grandmas, aunts, godparents and friends: prepare to brag.

It doesn’t matter how many miles separate you and this beautiful little child. The prompts in this handmade book will help you express your deep love.

4x5.5 inches (10x14 cm)

How this book celebrates baby:

  • Tell the stories in your heart with thoughtful writing prompts. How did you feel when you learned the child would be joining your world? How about the first time you held her?
  • Laugh and make silly predictions. What’ll be the baby’s best school subject? His favorite thing to do with you?
  • Document hope. What do you dream for that little girl? How will you help her dream big?
  • Brag. Go ahead – he is cute!
  • Embellish your book. Includes 3 translucent papers from Germany, a mini envelope, stickers, raffle tickets, a heart-shaped paperclip and a hand-stamped tag.
  • Open the binding; tuck in extras. Add photos, cards, printed emails, and other mementos.

Wind energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing this book. All 42 journaling pages are 30% or 100% recycled. Creative exploration shouldn’t be forced in a book of numbered pages, so this book’s easy-open ring closure binding lets you add treasured stuff from life.

Imagine the stories this love letter will hold.

  • Psst – Looking for a baby book for Mom and Dad to document the milestones? Check out the You Are Loved baby book.