SALE: {Become} – Diary for Finding Your Direction
SALE: {Become} – Diary for Finding Your Direction SALE: {Become} – Diary for Finding Your Direction SALE: {Become} – Diary for Finding Your Direction

Start Your Story



A diary for finding your direction

Acknowledge the creative whispers in your heart and explore your dreams.

You know that question: “So what do you do?”

It’s ok if you don’t know the answer! This journal will help you open your heart and slowly craft some plans.

For teen to adult women. Great for graduates.

4x5.5 inches (10x14 cm)

How this journal catches your dreams:

You’ll find floods of inspiration with lots of prompts, lists, and challenges. Unearth the creative direction in your hobby or career as you walk through the fun process of finding and setting your goals:

  • Define yourself
  • Find your creative passion
  • Discover who inspires you and why
  • Set aside others' opinions (perceived and otherwise)
  • Face your fears
  • Plan and dream
  • Attain your goals

Katie’s unique prompts help you focus on your heart.


  • 76 pages of writing prompts
  • Mini envelopes with custom labels for exercises like listing fears that hold you back and writing a letter to your future confident self
  • Carnival tickets, a hand-stamped teensy tag, and square embellishing stickers
  • Patterned papers from Italy

Wind energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this book. All 76 journaling pages are 30% or 100% recycled. Creative exploration shouldn’t be forced in a book of numbered pages, so this book allows you to open the binding and add treasured bits from your life.

Your creative whispers want to be heard; they need a safe place to emerge. They want to celebrate the woman you are meant to become.